Our History

Arterial Capital Management is a private equity business, focused exclusively on the global life science sector. We were founded by a group of well-known friends and associates who came together, believing there was both a need for a refreshingly new approach to financing within the biotech, medtech and pharmaceutical sector, and that the investment opportunities for family offices and wealth managers were not being met in a post 2008 environment.

The bedrock of the Arterial business is a world class team of experts with breadth and depth of expertise enabling us to mitigate risks with unparalleled levels of due diligence and by aligning the interests of all parties, including the investee, investor and professional advisers.

Our team have a proven, publicly verifiable, track record of leadership and achievement at the highest level. They have during their careers taken over one hundred drugs and medtech projects to market, including a number of multi-billion pound blockbusters. In addition they have advised European and US Governments, sat on MHRA, FDA, APA, and PFS teams, and include the former Head of Biotech for the Harvard Endowment Fund, advisor to the Wellcome Trust and Cambridge Colleges, trustee for the Institute of Cancer Research, and former executive board directors from Averion and ICI.